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Bluetooth Keyboard Laser Sensor

Live in the Future.

Solid keyboards are a thing of the past! Whip out our Virtual Laser Keyboard, get your smartphone ready and feel what it means to be in the future! Compact as it is, you can take this keyboard with you anywhere as long as you have a solid surface to project lasers on!

  • UPGRADED ACCURACY: English QWERTY Keyboard layout with round button design for more precise typing. With a calculated round key design, you won’t miss the wrong key again!

  • UNIVERSAL COMPATIBILITY: Bluetooth Connection 3.0 & USB Type C port, compatible with the latest operating systems: Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, iOS8, Android 4.0, and Mac IOS. It will easily pair with your iPhone, iPad, Smartphones, laptop, or tablets; with mouse function. To change keyboard mode to mouse mode on the keyboard, press the “INCLINE” arrow key, the projection keyboard brightness will change to a low level.

  • BATTERY FUNCTION: Built-in Premium A-grade rechargeable lithium-ion battery cell 2500mAh can charge your phones and other devices through it’s USB port.

  • SOUND FEEDBACK ADJUSTMENT: There are a total of 5 sound levels remains as adjusted when the device is turned off and on; To increase sound level: Tap and hold “Fn” key and tap ”RIGHT” arrow key; To decrease sound level: Tap and hold “Fn” key and tap ”LEFT” arrow key. 

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