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LED Bathroom Mirror

Whether you're primping, prepping, styling, or shaving, the perfect lighting makes all the difference. The Led Bathroom Mirror combines optimal brightness, accurate color, and remarkable clarity, so you can start your day in a better light. Lighting projection on all offers max lighting needs. Three different color temperatures for you to choose and the silver-backed glass ensures you don’t miss a spot. Make sure you leave the house feeling confident!


  • This built-in anti-fogging function means no need to constantly treat your mirrors with fog-free spray, or rinse them multiple times per shower
  • Stepless dimming: Simply press the start button for 3 seconds to change light intensity from normal to brightest
  • Three color temperatures: A quick touch to the button can switch the light temperatures from cold to warm
  • Energy-saving: 50,000 Hours, copper-free materials are used with a silvered reflection layer
  • Material: Glass Mirror Aluminum Alloy Fram
  • Size: 28in X 20in
  • Lamp Belt Power: 10W
  • Color Temperature: 3000K,4000K,6000K
  • Dimming Power: 1W-10W

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